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Fitness Testing

Precise results for smarter training and faster racing.

Personal Coaching

Our Wattbike power coaches will give you individualized training plans to maximise your performance

Group Training Classes

Coached group classes for ultimate fun and ultimate strength.

Functional Nutritionist

We take a functional approach to food and training and our unique program combines these elements synergistically to create long term health and optimize your body’s performance.

The first and only Wattbike studio in Colorado

Wattbike is the ultimate power and strength training tool. Wattbike isn’t just the choice of elite road and track cyclists. World and olympic champions across all sports use Wattbike to train smarter, push harder and improve performance. It’s time for you to Join the Wattbike Revolution.

“It's the most precise, high quality, personalised training tool I have found. Whether it's performance on the road, the pitch or just life in general, the Wattbike is the magic ingredient. I can't recommend it highly enough.”

Nic Gill - New Zealand Rugby Team Strength & Conditioning Coach

You can. You will.

Diagonal Marketplace
1020 Ken Pratt Blvd

Tel: 720 204 4337

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MON – FRI: 5AM – 8PM

SAT: 6AM – 12PM

Sunday – Closed (Click here for Sunday organized club ride schedule)


Renee Blanchard: [email protected]

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