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Expert Coaches

Our Wattbike coaches are hand picked from the best of the best and include regular bike racers and ex-pro peloton riders. Our Gymnastic Strength Training Coaches are dedicated to their students and strive for perfection, grace and ultimate mental and physical strength.

When you train on the Wattbike, every aspect of your training is accurately measured every second you are riding. This data is saved and can be analyzed by your coach to assist in tweaking and optimizing your performance and training. This means there is no guesswork and no wasted effort.

Meet Our Coaches

A good coach can change your game. A great coach can change your life

Roland Nel (The Speed Demon but everyone calls him Roly)

Roland began racing bicycles at the age of 14. His cycling career brought him to Colorado where he competed in elite cross country, road racing and endurance matharon circuits. He then worked as a pro-mechanic for pro teams such as RaboBank, Fedgroup MTB Team and the Cannondale Blend MTB Team. He is a complete geek when it comes to bicycles components and gadgets. Roland is happiest when racing 24-hour series, and as a result, is a guru when it comes to nutrition and preparation for endurance events. His coaching style and techniques have gained him the reputation of being one of the most desirable Wattcoaches on the globe. He is passionate about anything bicycle and anything coffee related.

Certifications and Experience

Roland owned and managed his own bike shop (retail and service) in Cape Town, South Africa for 6 years.His shop was an Ergofit certified facility so he has years of experience on bicycle setups and is eager to help any and all riders with their set ups. Roland is a certified Wattbike Power Instructor and has 4 years of Wattbike specific power training.

  • Wattbike Coach – 24 Hour Elite Racer – Dad – Coffee Conoisseur
  • Favorite quote: "Pain is temporary.. Victory lasts forever.."
  • Favorite food: My wife makes a vegetable dish baked with coconut cream. All-time favorite dish!
  • The most beautiful place I have ever visited: Silverton CO and Leadville CO remain my two best.
  • Who I would like to be when I grow up: I'm all for staying young... ??

Candice Schwartz (The Ginja Ninja)

Candice began her career 12 years ago in South Africa as a holistic dentist. She has spent the last decade treating patients from an integrative medicine and functional nutrition lens. She is now completing her MBA degree at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town. Her passion for fitness and health has inspired her to create Paceline EPG. She believes in a holistic approach to athletic training and at work she combines her knowledge of health, nutrition and science with her passion for fitness, endurance and performance. She is also a freelance writer, gymnastic bodies athlete, speaker, fitness model, and plant-based nutrition advocate.

Certifications and Experience

Candice received her undergraduate degree in Dental Science from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. Since then she has graduated from the Institute of Functional medicine with numerous courses and certifications ranging from functional nutrition to integrative medicine. She is a certified StrongFirst BodyWeight Instructor, Gymnastic Bodies Athletic Instructor and Wattbike Power Instructor.

  • GST Obsessed – Entreprenuer- Mother- MTB Queen – BioHacking Health Nut
  • Favorite quote: "The cure for pain is in the pain" - Rumi
  • Favorite food: Chocolate
  • What I do for fun: Read, cook, ride my bike!
  • One person I would love to meet for coffee and a chat: Tim Ferriss

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